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General Rules
-To participate in a game at Bingo Liner the player must be at least 18 years of age.
- Strictly one (1) account per household. If management discovers duplicate accounts for the same person, the less active account will be closed and any payouts requested from duplicate accounts will be considered void.
- If there is more than one winner in a bingo game, then the prize and or jackpot will be shared equally between all winners.

- All deposit bonuses will be credited immediately to your Bingo Bonus account. Please allow 24 hours for all other bonuses to show
-Players that have not made a first deposit of at least £20 are only eligible for game prizes, which will be credited to your Bingo Bonus account. Once you have made your first deposit, all future game prizes won will be credited to your "real" cash account and you will become eligible to win jackpots and bonuses.
The jackpot amount won will be added back into the Progressive Jackpot.
Please Note: Bonus money will be forfeited if an account has been inactive for more than 6 months.

Bingo Bonus Rules
- Real money balance will always be wagered first.
- Bonus money cannot be withdrawn.
- Bonus money can only be used for purchasing bingo cards.
-If an account has been inactive for 2 months, all Bingo Bonus money will be forfeited.
-If an account has been inactive for more than 6 months, bonus money will be forfeited.
Bonus money cannot be used to play games such as slots and video poker.

Cash Bonus Rules
- Cash bonuses may not be withdrawn unless you have met wagering requirements, as follows:
- Wagering requirements for cashing in cash bonuses are three times your cash bonus in bingo or ten times your cash bonus amount in slots.

For further information please go to our Bingo Bonus Information and Rules

Cash Out Rules
You may request a cash-in only once during a 24-hour period. (Please allow up to 72 hours for your cash-in to reflect in your Ewallet account)

You can cash-in your REAL balance at any time provided that it doesn't contain cash bonuses. Please refer to the "Cash Bonus Rules" section.

If you have met your wagering requirements, no bingo bucks will be forfeited on cash-in and Bingo Bucks will be earned on purchases made while your cash-in is pending (48 hours).

If you have not met your wagering requirements, all bingo bucks will be forfeited on cash-in and no Bingo Bucks will be earned on purchases while your cash-in is pending (48 hours).

Note: Wagering requirements are: (your last purchase that aquired bingo bonuses + your current bingo bonus balance) multiplied by three.

You can choose to reverse a cash-in, while it's still pending (all cash-ins are pending for the first 48 hours). In this period, you can reverse the money by clicking BANK and then on the REVERSE button. If you reverse a cash-in, all lost Bingo Bucks will also be returned to your account.

Players will not earn Bingo Bucks on a purchase if the sum of your Real and Bingo Bucks account is greater than £5.

Upon cash-in purchases will be refunded via your method of purchase where possible eg VISA, Solo/Switch or NETeller.

All purchases made with Mastercard or Maestro will need to be refunded to a Neteller or Click2Pay account as MasterCard and Maestro will not allow refunds. Please allow 7 working days for your cashin to reflect on your credit card.

Visa regulations prohibit online gaming refunds back to credit cards in Canada and Australia - in this instance we will require *Neteller or Click2Pay details in order for us to process your cashin. Please send your registered *Neteller or Click2Pay details via email.
* Note: Effective April 9, 2007 Neteller will no longer allow gaming transactions for Canadian residents.

Please note that for the protection of the cardholder, cash-ins from players who have used a MasterCard or Visa to deposit may be required to forward certain documentation to us.

All cash-ins will only be processed after a 48-hour pending period has lapsed. You will then receive your money within 1 business day, if we have the required information.

Minimum cash-in is £40.

Due to the high banking costs of processing cash-ins, we limit the amount of cash-ins to 2 per 7 day period.

Please refer to the "MY ACCOUNT" page for any wagering information by clicking View/MyAccount in the game software.

This policy will not restrict any player from withdrawing legitimate winnings or deposits. It will simply ensure that Bingo Bucks abusers will not be allowed to abuse the rights and privileges associated with our policy to the detriment of the vast majority of honest players that we have at Bingo Liner.

MasterCard has a policy where they do not allow funds to be credited back to the credit card. Therefore upon cashout we credit your account via Neteller. We recommend that you open a Neteller account at purchasing stage to prevent unnecessary delays when cash in are made. To open a Neteller account go to

**In order to expedite cash ins where purchases were made using a credit card we will require the following verification details to be emailed to our security team
- A copy of your identity document or drivers license
- As well as a credit card statement or Utility Bill that reflects your
registered billing address and deposits at Bingo Liner. Please block out
the first 12 numbers of your credit card number.

We do realize that this may be inconvenient, and really appreciate you going to the time and trouble. For further information regarding this procedure please contact us.

We take the security of our system at Bingo Liner very seriously. Whenever you access our web site or games any confidential information passed between us is encrypted. Our web site uses secure server technology to ensure that when you perform a cash out, access your account activity, make deposits etc., your communications are protected using the same technology as online banking sites.
For increased security, your password should be at least 8 - 10 characters, with a combination of upper & lower case letters, numbers and shift number keys. Use a unique password for Bingo Liner that is not the same as any of your other passwords.
If you forget your password, it can be retrieved automatically via the password retrieval system at the login page. Bingo Liner accepts no responsibility for any fraud resulting from the unauthorized use of account numbers and passwords.

Personal Information
Personal information may be required in order to receive promotional offers and newsletters. This information is completely voluntary and an unsubscribe option is available to you. No personal information acquired will be shared with any other organization.

Chat Room Bonuses
Bonuses that you earn in the Chat Room will be paid into your Bingo Bonus Balance. You can only qualify for Chat Bonuses if you are playing in the current bingo game and you are actively in chat. Players, who have not yet purchased, will not be entitled to receive Chat Bonuses.

Chat Conduct
Bingo Liner provides you with the ultimate chat environment for your enjoyment so you can meet other bingo players, have a good time and feel at home. We have therefore developed some Chat Room rules so you can feel secure while you chat.

Please let us know if anyone has been offensive to you in any way, so we can deal with them immediately. You can do this by copying the offensive message in an email and sending it to us at - and we'll deal with it as a matter of urgency.

Chat Room Conduct
- No offensive, indecent or abusive language
- No complaining. Please send all complaints to
- No harassment of other bingo players
- No exchanging of account information or status
- No mentioning, discussing or promoting of any other online bingo site.
- Respect the CM and CL’s and their authority at all times.

Invite a Friend
- Your friend must use the same email address with us when registering (or we cannot track them)
- Your friend’s first deposit must be at least £20.
- The referring player will not qualify for the £20 FREE bonus if the invited friend has already downloaded at any affiliated sites

- Management's decision is final.
- Right of Admission Reserved. Management reserves the right to refuse or close any account at their sole discretion.
- Monthly Competitions: In the event of a tie, the player that reached the position the earliest will be deemed winner.
- All rules and regulations contained herein are subject to change without prior notice.
- Transfers between players: From time to time we may permit nominal transfers between players. When funds are transferred from one player to another, the recipient of the transfer will ALWAYS receive the funds as BINGO BONUS MONEY, meaning the funds cannot be cashed out. Bingo Liner reserves the right to restrict the amount and frequency of any player transfer requests.
- All orders will be effected immediately
- Players will receive 100% (200% with Neteller) match bonus on their first purchase up to £100.This bonus will be credited to your BB (bingo bonus) account.
- Players will receive 100% (200% with Neteller) match bonus on their first purchase up to £100. This bonus will be credited to your BB (bingo bonus) account.

Please note:
- In some countries gaming is forbidden. Please check with the jurisdictions in your country if online gambling is allowed. Furthermore, all taxes, duties and fees applicable in connection with any prize or prizes awarded to a member are their sole responsibility.
- We recommend to print out all transaction data, the rules of the game and the payment methods and to keep them at an easily accessible place.
- We are licensed and operate under the laws and regulations of Netherlands Antilles.

For further information please go to our Bingo Bonus Information and Rules

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